I LOVE Halloween. It may be my favorite holiday. Who doesn’t like getting all dressed up, having some drinks with friends and having an excuse to eat a bunch of candy? This year, we wanted to go all out and dress up as some of our favorite comic book characters: Black Canary and Green Arrow.


They’re such an iconic and bad ass pair, we really wanted to do them justice. We’ve been getting into the CW’s “Arrow” lately, and Peter was really inspired by the realistic interpretation of the costume (plus, I don’t think he wanted to wear tights). I’m more partial to the old school Canary costume featured above, since it was cool and also simple to put together.

Peter, being the ridiculously talented person that he is, decided to make his costume mostly from scratch. I came home one day and there he was, sitting on the living room floor with a bunch of fabric and leather and materials all spread around him. I on the other hand, bought most of my costume or had the pieces already. Either way, I think both our costumes turned about pretty great!


green arrow

And I guess were weren’t the only one’s that thought so, because we ended up winning a little trophy at our favorite pub’s costume party!



We love the costumes so much, we’re planning to wear them for the next Con we attend! How do you think we did?


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