Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen: you have yourself a geeky partner. Boy, girl, doesn’t matter, we’re the best people to date. Maybe you just started dating or maybe it’s been forever, but with the holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get them. If you’re a geek yourself, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to get. But if you are not, I have a few simple idea, based on actual gifts I’ve given or received.


1. A Book

The first year Peter and I were dating, we’d only been dating for a month before the holidays came. I wanted to get him something, but I wasn’t sure what was appropriate. And a book might seem a little boring, but not when you’re a nerd. We love books! And especially cool ones about zombies or wizards or space pirates. Peter and I had bonded over the premiere of “The Walking Dead” series, so I decided to buy him “World War Z.” Needless to say, he loved it. Getting your new significant other a book in a genre you know they like will surely bring a smile to their face.

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2. Clothes

Like most men, Peter tends to hold on to clothes until there are holes in them and then still wears them. So I’ve taken to gifting him with some awesome geek inspired clothing for the last few gift giving occasions. I’ve bought him a number of T-Shirts (Hot Topic is a great place for these), from The Flash to Assassins Creed. And this Hanukkah, he returned the favor by buying me an awesome Harry Potter Varsity Jacket. The only thing better than being a nerd or a geek is showing off that you’re a nerd or a geek. Another good gift if you’ve just started dating.


3. Art

For me, the best part of living with another geek is the fact that we can have a bunch of awesome video game, comic book, movie and other nerdy art in our home. Along with the Mass Effect lithographs I bought Peter last year, we have a stack of art we’ve acquired as gifts or from Cons. Geeky art doesn’t have to be silly, most of the art we have is epically beautiful. It would be a great gift for a geeky art lover in your life.


4. Jewelry 

Oh jewelry. Even nerdy girls like jewelry. And if it’s nerdy jewelry like the gorgeous Batman earrings I got this year? You will be a happy man with a happy woman this holiday.


5. A Craft

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve become a lot more crafty lately. And just in time for the holidays since it tends to save a lot of money. Plus, even if the gift is a small one, the fact that you made it can mean the world. Peter had recently taken on cooking as a major hobby and I wanted to make him a book to keep recipes in. But I couldn’t just make him any old recipe book: so I made him a Star Trek themed book! (I’ll be writing more about it later.) The personal touch really made the gift special even if it wasn’t expensive.

What geeky gifts will you be giving this year? What geeky gifts did you get?

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