A few weeks ago, I finally jumped on the Pinterest band wagon. I really didn’t want to, mostly because I’m annoyed with a large portion of my Facebook friends using it to plan weddings when they are not even close to being engaged. But I joined in order to get ideas and keep track of purchases for DIY crafts and our Geek Chic Decor.

And believe me, I have been hitting the DIY sauce HARD. Just in time for the holidays too, because I’m not a millionaire you know. I really wanted to give my friends some presents, but I didn’t have a lot of cash to throw around. But luckily, my friends are also geeks, so after getting a little inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy, I decided to make them some Game of Thrones inspired, framed prints.

The first thing I did was pick out a few great quotes or themes from the series that I know Casey, Becca and Aaron would like. All it took was a simple Google search.

For Casey: What do we say to the Lord of Death? NOT TODAY.

For Becca: FEAR cuts deeper than SWORDS.

For Aaron: WTF THEON GREYJOY. (Because seriously, what is his deal?)

Then I scoured my favorite font site for some cool fonts and designed the prints on Photoshop. I bought some kraft paper off of Etsy to give the prints a throwback sort of look, and simply printed them out.


I really liked how they came out and I think they did too. If you’re interested in these (or another quote), I might be inclined to make more for a modest fee. I know I’ll definitely be making more for myself in the future!

— Emily 

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