We’ve lived in the same place for over 2 years, and have been a bit slow to decorate it. The  decor we do have is a bit (awesomely) mismatched. Framed Star Wars movie covers by the front door, Zombie shooting targets in the hall, pewter dragons on the mantle, lovey dovey stuff in the bedroom, but a bare living room wall. It was getting to the point that is was slightly depressing. (I know Peter looks happy in this picture, but he’s really crying on the inside.)

photo 1

Luckily, I’d snagged a pack of 5 Mass Effect Lithographs from the BioWare store last winter as a gift for Peter. Mass Effect is one of our favorite games of all time, and the lithographs were absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention Thane is literally in the middle of punching someone in the face, that alone was reason enough to buy the set.


We bought some frames at Michael’s and slipped these bad boys into them. Peter expertly hung them and now our living room has a little more life!

photo 2

They are the perfect addition to our home and the epitome of geek chic. Can’t wait to put up the rest of our geeky art!


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