Emily and I have started working on a Batman parody web series we’ve been thinking about for a while. In the course of writing the pilot episode, we had an idea for Batman to get an eviction notice, starting the events of the series.

Emily whipped up this amazing eviction notice in Photoshop (complete with a few fun references) and we were pretty proud of ourselves.

eviction-notice copy

That’s when we realized: The Wayne Mayor is outside Gotham City limits. We literally nerded out our own premise. Not to worry, we came up with a different one and will begin shooting soon! Keep an eye out!

— Peter

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Peter Kunin is a writer, actor, martial artist, video game guru and future savior of the human race from the coming zombie apocalypse (You’re welcome). He has a degree from Cal State Northridge for Cinema and Television Arts and is the manager of PittStop Comics in Woodland Hills, CA.
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