Despite not being overly enthused about the Big Game yesterday (not because I don’t like football, but because the Packers weren’t playing), I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of geekiness afoot.

Of course, there were the rumored and tweeted about geeky commercials, including another look at Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. While these were awesome, I think my favorite was the awesome robot model commercial from KIA. I think a guy will think twice before kicking the tires on a woman’s car.

Iron Man 3 teased the hell out of us with it’s TV spot and then forced curious viewers to see the rest online. Now that’s what I call, an extended look:



Star Trek Into Darkness continued it’s mission of making me tear up during all of their trailers. By the way, I never knew what fan girls saw in Benedict Cumberbatch, but I’m kinda starting to see it:


Never EVER touch a robot woman’s car:


The other geeky moment I rather enjoyed was the fact that as soon as the lights went out in the Superdome, Twitter nearly exploded with thoughts that Bane might be making an appearance.


This makes me really happy that people’s first thoughts weren’t “Oh, a blackout” but “OHMYGOD BANE IS GOING TO BLOW UP THIS FIELD.” But since the Gotham Rebels weren’t in the Super Bowl, Bane did not make an appearance.

Also, post-Super Bowl, Baltimore Raven’s QB Joe Flacco went to Disneyland. NERD!

What was your favorite geeky moment from SB47?


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