ManofSteelFinalPosterThere’s been a lot of talk and rumors lately about the possibility of an upcoming Justice League movie. Granted, there’s been talk for years about a JL movie, but now the talk is more urgent.

Marvel seems to have found the magic recipe for dishing out superhero franchises, with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America (Ok, and Hulk) movies culminating in with the billion dollar success of The Avengers.

It’s no surprise that DC would want to try and capitalize on the model as well. Unfortunately, DC has it’s work cut out for them. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • This summer’s Man of Steel will be the second attempted reboot of the Superman franchise, after 2006’s Superman Returns barely made back it’s budget and didn’t go over well with critics.
  • The possibility of a JL movie is largely relying on Man of Steel being a success in order to launch the other franchises, much like Iron Man was. If it’s not, it’ll be much harder.
  • Chris Nolan’s Batman franchise was a huge box office and critical success, but it’s not likely to translate well into a JL movie. This mainly because Christian Bale probably isn’t interested in reprising his role.
  • If Bale isn’t on board, they’ll have to either cast someone else or do a reboot, both of which might not go over all with fans.
  • 2011’s Green Lantern did moderately well at the box office, and while very fun, it was panned by critics.
  • The other founding members of the JL, including big favorite Wonder Woman, have yet to have a movie made.

If DC wants to have the same movie franchise success, they’ll have to start from scratch on a lot of projects and that takes time. Some rumors are saying a JL movie could be coming as soon as 2015, but I doubt that will happen.

Fans of the League’s members aren’t waiting around either, if this badass fan made Wonder Woman trailer is any inclination.

[vimeo 60594348 w=500 h=281]

I’m trying to be optimistic, since I know with the right people in front and behind the camera a JL movie could be awesome.

Do you think a Justice League movie will happen?

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