I’m the type of nerd that just cannot turn her nerdiness off. Which is why my boss is acutely aware that I love all things nerdy and geeky. And because she’s the best boss in the world, she sometimes gives me little presents and they’re typically awesome and nerdy. For Christmas she gave me a Batman necklace, for instance.

Yesterday, she presented me with a super cute robot journal! A robot journal that comes with robot desk friends!

photo 3 photo 2

Obviously, I’m pretty stoked on it.

photo 1-1

I mean, it’s robots! And as if that’s not enough, the notebook came with three little punch out robots that you can stand up and set on your desk to be your friends forever.

photo 5

This one I named Marvin.

photo 4

This one I named Space Kitty (for obvious reasons).

photo 3

This guy I named Captain Jack Jack, because I think he’s the leader of the robot operation.

robot pencil cup

Since I have these little friends now, I’ll definitely have to buy the robot pencil cup I’ve been eyeing at work.

What awesome robot products have you seen lately?


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