It’s officially Con season! Con is a magical time of creation, camaraderie and, of course, cosplay! Peter and I will be cosplaying at WonderCon, and we can’t tell you how amazing/nerve racking it is.

So maybe this is your first time at a Con, or maybe you’ve been many times before but this time you want to join in the cosplay fun. Great! And if you’re like us, your cosplay might depend on how much time and money you can put into it. If you have little of both, the best solution is to pick something that is both simple and recognizable, while not overly expensive.

There is a whole range of characters whose costumes you could make from the things in your closet and few well chosen thrift store buys. I’ve put together a few outfit inspirations for you, based on some very cool, very recognizable characters (all of which can be gender swapped!).

Simple Han Solo Cosplay

Since 1977, Han Solo has synonymous with swagger, bravado and scruffy looking nerf herders. His outfit of choice has also become galatically recognizable. A simple pair of dark pants, a white shirt, a black vest and some boots will have people saying “I Love You” and waiting for you to say “I Know.”

Simple Doctor Who Cosplay

Admittedly, 11 is not my favorite Doctor, but I do admire his stylish attire. It might be a bit warm for a tweed jacket, so any brown blazer will do. Pair it with a brown pants, a red shirt, some comfy boots and the 11th’s Doctor’s trademark bow tie and you’re good to go! And it you see any weeping angels, please don’t blink.

Simple Khan Star Trek Cosplay

 Is he Khan? Is he someone else? I DON’T KNOW, GUYS. But the mysterious John Harrison is a welcome addition to any Star Trek costumed group. Get yourself his black Starfleet issue shirt, some black pants, boots and a fake gun and you’ll have Spocks’ and Kirks staring you down all Con. And don’t forget lots of hair gel for that slicked back look.

Simple Harry Potter Cosplay

I’ll be the first to tell you how obsessed with Harry Potter I am, but it’s been a while since I’ve donned any Hogwarts gear. You might not be as clever as Hermonie, but you can look the part with a match gray cardigan and skirt, a white button up, some black shoes and a tie in the House colors of your choice. Don’t forget your wand, of course, but try not to poke someone’s eye out during a fierce duel.

What are some of your simple cosplay ideas? 

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