We had an absolute blast Saturday at WonderCon!



We were on the floor and around the Convention Center all day yesterday and we were so surprised and humbled by the amount of people who wanted our picture. Peter’s self-made Green Arrow cosplay was a huge hit. If you met us and took a picture of us, we’d love to see it!

batman and us

Photo from K.C. Photography


Photo from Mike the Fanboy

Richard Hatch (Cpt. Apollo and Tom Zarek from Battlestar Galactica) was there signing autographs and stopped us TWICE. He was very friendly and every bit the charismatic Apollo.

We also went to two panels and they were both awesome.


The Buffy: Season 9 panel featured TV and comic writer Jane Espenson, Season 9 writer Andrew Chambliss and artist Georges Jeanty, and Angel & Faith write.

photo 1

The DC Comics New 52 panel featuring some amazing writers: John Layman (Detective Comics), Scott Snyder (Batman), Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex, All-Star Western), Kyle Higgins (Nightwing), James Tynion IV (Batman, Talon), Scott Lobdell (Superboy, Teen Titans), and James D. Robinson (Earth 2).

Emily shook Scott Snyder’s hand and she almost hyperventilated!

We saw a lot of great cosplay around the Con, you can check out all of our pictures at the Wrong Button Facebook, but here are a few favorites:

IMG_6148 IMG_6176 IMG_6182

We cannot wait for ComicCon in July and we might be going to other Cons before then as well!

What was your favorite part of WonderCon?

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