The official unveiling of the next generation Xbox is now less than a month away and scheduled to reveal during E3, the biggest video game conference  in the world.  With the gaming community chomping at the bit, there have been numerous rumors concerning Microsoft’s new system, codenamed: Durango. Let’s take a look at the most prominent and interesting.

Blu-ray Support


Despite early rumors that the next generation console will not even include a disc drive, multiple sources have “confirmed” that Durango will not only have a disc drive, but that it will be blu-ray compatible as well. Good news coming from the company that  strongly backed HD-DVD in 2006. Remember that? Also, most sites concur that Durango will not be backwards compatible and that games may have to be downloaded to the hard drive before playing. Other reports suggest that a validation or serial number check will be required for each game. This makes pirating games more difficult, but also sharing and buying used games impossible.

Persistent Online Connection

Red Flag

If you’re thinking “RED FLAG,” I’m right there with you. The idea of a persistent online connection is great in theory, however, the track record for its practical application is horrendous. Maxis disastrous release of the greatly anticipated Sim City sent gamers to reeling in frustration and anger. If done correctly, gameplay, chatting with friends, downloads and other internet interactions will be seamless. However, if Microsoft’s servers fail, or you lose internet connection or any variation of shit-hitting-fan occurs, there is going to be outcry.

Vertical Integration


It is becoming clear that Microsoft is making Xbox its sole focus for entertainment and TV. There will be a slew of new Microsoft created applications and content to keep even the most tenacious technophile satisfied. Rumored to be running on Windows 8, it stands to reason that Durango will implement the Live Tiles user interface to better keep players informed and up to date about their favorite topics and social media.

Kinect 2


Pretty self-explanatory…Like the original, but better. Better voice recognition. Better body identification. Better face recognition. Better low-light settings. Better everything.

Leaked by Microsoft and exploited by Kotaku, this is apparently the specs for Durango.


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