In the months since launching Wrong Button, we have been pleasantly surprised by the amount and level of support we’ve received from the geeky community. What started with a few Twitter exchanges has become a group of friends, supporter and collaborators. We are so lucky to know these amazing geeky creators and we’re very proud to be included amongst them as apart of the Geek Force Network.


The Geek Force Network site serves as a hub for a sampling of our collective work, including blog posts, podcasts and videos. If you like our stuff, you’ll love our friends! In fact, you might already know some of them from our “On a Geekly Basis” profiles.

Now don’t worry, the Wrong Button blog isn’t going away. We’ll still be posting here like normal, you’ll just also be able to read our posts on the GFN site, along with all the other creator’s awesome content. The GFN will have updated content at least twice a day, 7 days a week for 24 hour geek goodness!

Head over to the site and check out all of the amazing member’s and don’t forget to like the GFN on Twitter and Facebook

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Emily & Peter are the Co-Founders of Wrong Button Blog. They are lifelong geeks and also happen to love each other. They spend their days writing, watching TV and fighting over their gaming computer.
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