The internet has spoken and the clear favorite in the console wars is the PS4. But why?


Microsoft’s plan to dazzle their fans with the Xbox One reveal weeks before E3 backfired, badly. On May 21st conflicting reports, inconsistent information and a slew of unnecessary features put Microsoft in a deep hole.Hopefully Microsoft will use all the criticism they’ve received over the last couple weeks to improve what was not well received. Namely, the always online feature required to play games (or do anything really) and not being able to play used games.


Luckily, Xbox One was able to climb back up the ratings (just a little) with impressive Xbox One exclusive titles revealed during the Microsoft conference at E3. These include: Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5. Full Game List Here


However, the Sony conference was the clear favorite on opening day at E3. Standing ovations and extended applause was given when Sony informed that a perpetual online connection would not be required to run the system (unlike the Xbox One). Then, after it was announced that the PS4 would not discriminate against used games (unlike the Xbox One), Sony received another standing ovation with the audience chanting, “Sony! Sony! Sony!”

There was a major issue with the PS4 that is not being discussed and is very necessary to point out. This being that while running the PS4 during the Sony conference, the system frequently stuttered while running games and even crashed mid-play during the Assassins Creed demo.

Kind of a big deal!


That aside, Sony also an impressive array of exclusive titles; including Final Fantasy, DC Universe Online, The Order 1886 and Mad Max. Full Game List Here

But the real clincher, at least where gamers are concerned was the price tag. The base model PS4 is $399; a cool $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

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