Have you got an extra 500 bucks? If not then you better start saving to be one of the first lucky (or perhaps unfortunate) people to wrap your hands around a brand new Xbox One.

As for me? I’m more than a little conflicted. I am an avid gamer and will definitely be purchasing a next-gen console from that standpoint alone. But is it really worth it to buy the probably buggy console right out of the gate?

RROD Never Again

So many of the first released Xbox 360s were faulty after only a year (or in some cases a few months) of its release. I got the “red ring of death” after about a year and sent it to Microsoft for a free repair. I then got the red ring again several months later; FML Microsoft took care of the problem(s) without charging me a fee and the only hassle was sending it in and being without my system for a couple weeks. However, I did get a couple months of free Xbox Gold Membership out of it for the inconvenience.


Of course Xbox One is not just a gaming platform. As stated during the reveal, this next generation console is an all in “One” entertainment system. With Blu-ray capability, web browsing, integrated TV, mobile accessibility and (from the demos I’ve seen) one of the best voice and gesture command interfaces around. You can also simultaneously search the web while  watching TV, or Skype while you play a game. That is pretty cool…if it works.

After all is said and done, I’m going to hold off on purchasing the Xbox One until I know that my money is well spent. Let the guinea pigs have their fun (and frustration).

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