Ugh. Back to school. Peter is lucky enough to have his lovely degree hanging on the wall, but I still have the haul my butt to school for another year. Remember how fun back to school used to be? Back to school clothes shopping and back to school supply shopping used to be the highlight of the summer! Yes, it still sucked to have to start doing homework and studying, but for that brief period when your school supplies were all new and ready to go, you felt like taking on the world.

Maybe not so much anymore, but getting new school supplies can still be fun for all ages, especially if you get yourself, your siblings or your kids a kick-ass comic book notebook! And where can you find notebooks of such coolness? In the Wrong Button Etsy store, of course!

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We’ll be making ton more in the next few weeks, so head over to the store and check them out. We’ll be taking custom order requests soon too, but if you can’t wait to have one, Contact Us and we’ll see what we can do.

And if you live in the SFV, you can also see them and buy them at PittStop Comics

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