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Welcome to this week’s installment of “On a Geekly Basis,” a feature that profiles awesome geeky people and things! This week we want to introduce you to Vincent, the creator of A Guide to Geekdom, a films, music & comics blog.

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geek or nerd

I think it depends on the kind of day I’m having! While sometimes I can be very closed-off and laser-focused on getting something done to the point of being antisocial, sometimes like when I’m researching for the blog I find so much cool stuff that I can’t wait to show my readers.

A geek makes up for having niche interests by showing them off extra-proudly. I think that’s more my style.

first nerd or geek

Without knowing what to call it, I suppose I started showing these tendencies quite early on. My dad was heavily into sci-fi and fantasy stuff; he got me watching Star Wars, Star Trek, all that good stuff, from an early age. I remember watching an episode of Red Dwarf with him from series five on the week it aired, which according to IMDb would put me at seven years old. Nobody else my age was into this sort of thing, and it wasn’t until I actually had any school friends years later (that sort of tipped me off too) that I could share those sorts of geeky joys.

I also remember, at the age of ten, having to bring a note from my parents to school so that my favourite teacher would lend me her copy of Judge Dredd on VHS. It was not worth it.


At the age of sixteen when I went to what we in the UK call college (it’s known differently elsewhere), there was nothing I liked better on a weekend than hitting the record shops in Leeds. I was a huge music geek – mainly punk rock; the more obscure the label, the better. A little before then is when I realised that there was so much out there to be discovered which wouldn’t make it to my CD player otherwise – and eventually the same went for my bookshelf, my DVD collection, even my clothing tastes. And that was down to the friends I had, the places we hung out, and all the media I absolutely devoured – books, games, and…ahem, let’s just say “freely-available” music downloads.


While there are a fair few things that I’m always dipping back into – the X-Men in comics has to be one of them, as does the Mass Effect trilogy of games which I’m now almost finished for the second time – in terms of what I always make sure to keep up with, it’s actually a football team! Leeds United play twice a week and I always make sure to listen to live commentary or watch them on TV. I haven’t been to a game in a long time because the team’s owner was something of a shady character and I didn’t want him taking my money, but now that he’s gone the future’s looking bright again and I’m hoping to start making it to Elland Road a lot more this season.


My main ongoing thing is obviously the geek culture blog called A Guide To Geekdom which – quick plug time – recently made it to 100 posts since its inception early in the year. I’m lucky enough to make a living as a writer, and on the side I find this is a good way to hone my skills even further regarding the sort of things I actually want to do with my life. I’m always on the lookout for the coolest things to share with readers, and hopefully to gain some insight into what it is that makes us geeks tick.

Aside from that I’ve been working on a novel for far too long now about a drummer in a band who’s trying to get the rest of his life sorted out, and I’m also throwing around a few ideas for sitcoms and sketches in various places – more on that in the future, hopefully!


Without a doubt one of the most inspirational characters for any writer is someone whose dogged pursuit of the truth is what keeps him going from day to day – that and the copious amount of semi-illegal stimulants. With that in mind, Spider Jerusalem from the Transmetropolitan series would make for a seriously good interview.

tell us

I’m a copywriter and blogger in my late twenties. Aside from a few years in the wilderness at Manchester Metropolitan University and the first couple of years living with my girlfriend in Leeds, I’ve spent my whole life in the town that I grew up in; Whovians might recognise the name from a recent episode where the Doctor recommended you try the Pontefract cakes. I have. They taste awful and even if they didn’t, I worked in a factory which made them for about three months and wouldn’t recommend it.

My main loves are reading, writing and listening to most kinds of music where the artist gave a damn. I used to perform stand-up comedy but a lack of local venues and an abundance of hecklers put paid to that. And if you see me at the bar, mine’s a pint of bitter!


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