I don’t like change and I know I’m not the only one. This is best evidenced by the sheer panic/rage/confusion that results every time Facebook makes even the slightest change. So I’m sure you can only imagine how devout iPhone users will react once they get a look at the completely redesigned iOS7. While it’s the first major change in the iPhone since iOS was introduced 6 years ago, the basic functionality of the phone doesn’t change all that much. So don’t let that scare you, because there’s a lot to love about this latest update! Here are the 7 reasons I suggest you take the plunge and upgrade:




1. It’s. So. Pretty. 

I’m a girl who lives for cool designs and sexy typography and iOS7 definitely has both. I’ve had an iPhone since the first day the 3G was released and the look of the iPhone, while recognizable, had gotten a bit stale. For a device that claims to always be innovating, having the same font, the same colors and the same designs for 6 years wasn’t cutting it. But all is forgiven with iOS7. It looks so fresh, so new, it’s basically like getting a whole new phone!



2. Hello App Scrolling

Remember having to pick and choose apps, or creating a thousand folders to store all of the apps you wanted to have? Forget about that. Now, just like you can have multiple pages on the phones, you can also have multiple app pages within their folders! That means you can get rid of those Games 2 and Games 3 folders, you maniacs! You might also notice a difference when you click on the folders, that’s because it clears the background of everything else instead of just masking it.




3. Safari Got a Makeover

All built in apps and functions got a cool, new makeover too, and I must say, Safari is looking good! It has a new vertical layering system that lets you see all of the web pages you have open without sliding down and gives you a better look at what’s on the web pages you had open. When you go to add a web page, it automatically pulls up your bookmarked favorites just in case you wanted to get to BuzzFeed a few seconds faster. You can also turn on Private browsing for, you know, things.






4. Yay! New Photo Features!

Let’s be honest, we all love taking pictures of our cats and food and outfits. Don’t lie, I do it too. Plus, now that Vine and Instavideo is a thing, we’re also taking videos of all of those joyful things. iOS7 has now made it easier for you to switch back and forth between video and photos, let’s you take square photos (perfect for Instagram), and puts the power of panorama at your finger tips. But if Instagram isn’t for you, you can also filter your photos automatically, as well as turn off flash and the HD settings.









5. Get Those Photos Organized! Like Really, Really Organized

I have a ton of photos. Seriously. And like photos I’ve had on my iPhone since I GOT AN IPHONE. So like 5 years worth of photos in one place. So you can image that my images aren’t very well organized. But luckily, iOS7 has taken care of that for me. Breaking them up into folders is nothing, it’s all about the added features here. Not only can you share photos with people, such as your vacation photos album with your mother, but iOS7 now organizes your photos into Moments and Collections. Your photos are now organized by year, location, and specific date. Mind blown.




6. Improved Menus

If you’ve had the 4, 4S or 5, you’re probably familiar with the Notification Center already. It’s that thing that comes down when you slide down from the top and contains all of the notifications you receive, from Instagram, Temple Run or iCal events. For iOS7, it has a bit of a new look and is a bit more functional. Instead of showing all of the notifications you’ve received in the last year, it shows you the notices you’ve received today or that you missed. And you can select which apps you want to show in your Notification Center from the Settings menu, as well select whether you can access them from the Lock Screen. iOS7 also introduces Control Center, which slides from the bottom. This menu allows you to easily access Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do Not Distrub, the built in flashlight, clock, calculator and camera. It also allows you to adjust the screen brightness and pause the music you’re listening to. It’s an absolutely great addition, in my opinion.






7. Listen for Free on iTunes Radio

iTunes had a radio function before, but I’m not sure if it was ever readily available on the iPhone before. Well it is now and it looks awesome. Simply select a playlist from the very long list of genres or search and select based on song or artist. The radio is easy to navigate and even allows you to purchase songs as you’re listening to them if you really like them, and select a new station based on that artist or song. I don’t typically have any music loaded onto my phone, and this feature could be a great alternative to Spotify and Pandora.

Have you upgraded yet? What is your favorite/least favorite feature?


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