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Welcome to this week’s installment of “On a Geekly Basis,” a feature that profiles awesome geeky people and things! This week we want to introduce you to Todd A., a singer & songwriter.

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geek or nerd

I’d say geek. I don’t think I had the grades to be a nerd. But I feel like even saying that comes off as nerdist.

first nerd or geek

Birth, probably. I was always aware that I wasn’t part of a mainstream. Punk, geek, dweeb, mutant… it was always there.

geeky music

This will possibly sound insane — ‘cause I’m not entirely sure I didn’t imagine it — but “The Electric Company” used to have live action Spider-Man shorts where he just threw nets on people. I loved those. As a kid, I watched re-runs of the 60s Batman show and cartoons of Captain America, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, and of course, the Super Friends. Before I could write, I used to make up stories about Batman and Robin and my mother wrote them down.

Then at some point a friend took me to a comic book shop called The Great Escape (in Nashville, TN) and it was all over. That comic book shop started making more money selling used CDs so they moved the comic books into the back which tailored well with my interests at the time. I just went from comic book geekery to music geekery but I kept them in the same shop.

My punk rock partner-in-crime Todd K and I always combined comics with our music. Our band Heather put out a cassette called “Wondertwin Powers Activate!” Another band we called The Carter Administration but we first toyed with names like Justice League of America and —though Todd K may deny this— Bamf! (Nightcrawler’s onomatopoeic teleportation sound). I sang about about things like Nightwing and G.I. Joes in TCA.


I’m a huge fan of Axe Cop. If you’ve never read it, you must. It’s the story of a cop with an axe as imagined by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 30 year old brother. It speaks to me on so many levels. I think it’s literally what comic books always metaphorically aim for. I love it so much that I’ve written a song about Axe Cop and named a record after an Axe Cop reference.


I tend to work one song at a time. I don’t worry about making an album of material. I prefer to release each song as I complete it. Next up is a song about the Apocalypse inspired by John Hodgman’s Ragnarok. It’s called “I Survived the Dogstorm” and… it’s awesome.


Catwoman. Because… Catwoman.

tell us

Hi, I’m Todd A. I’m a singer & songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who lives in Orange County, California. I write songs, play them live, and release recordings of them on my website. Many of those songs are about superheroes, cosplayers, or other geeky interests of mine. I give away music all the time to friends in my Singles Club which you can join here. And I tweet like crazy. 

And here’s me in a Batman costume singing a song about Catwoman.

Also I go to Comic Cons all the time. I’ll be at DragonCon in August. Then Comikaze in LA and Long Beach Comic Con.


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