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Welcome to this week’s installment of “On a Geekly Basis,” a feature that profiles awesome geeky people and things! This week we want to introduce you to Debs & Errol, a geek musical comedy duo with a daily web comic!

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geek or nerd

Errol: Well, according to this article by a friend of ours, I may have to put myself closer to the geek spectrum, but with nerd tendencies.

Debs: I was definitely labeled as a nerd in school because I was oriented to academics and sort of looked the part. I’d consider myself a geek though.

first nerd or geek

Errol: When I was young. My summer vacations were spent in Vegas playing arcade games. I spent many hours typing in machine code from Byte magazine into my Atari 800. It wasn’t really a realization that I had to come to, it was just evident.

Debs: There were little signs growing up, an obsession with shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for one. It was when the Star Wars special editions came out in 1997 that I really embraced geekdom and started to self-identify. I lived and breathed Star Wars from that moment. I went out and bought every extended universe book that I could get my hands on and had near-lifesize cardboard standees of Luke and Vader for my room. Organizing a two-week-long lineup at a theatre leading up to The Phantom Menace pretty much clinched it.

geeky music

Errol: I learned how to play the piano when I was a kid, but I didn’t start writing music until I was much older: I wrote a song for my wife that I used to propose to her. I then started writing more parody songs for fun. Debs introduced me to FAWM.org, and that catapulted my song writing abilities.

Debs: Like Errol, I have a classical piano background, along with choir and musical theatre. I started writing songs after discovering FAWM.org (a online challenge with the goal of writing 14 songs in February) by way of National Novel Writing Month. Errol and I formed a duo when a mutual friend put out a call for musical acts to complement a showcase his geeky theatre company was producing.


Errol: This is so hard! Well, if people were to share anything on my Facebook wall, it tends to be Totoro and AT-ATs. I also love adventure games, board games, and creating!

Debs: The fact that I knew this question was coming doesn’t make it any easier to answer! I’ll always have a soft spot for Star Wars, obviously. Lately what I’ve been working through is BBC’s Sherlock and Game of Thrones. Dance of Dragons took me a whopping three months to get through and I’m usually a pretty fast reader!


Debs: We’ve been really busy getting our new EP ready and it actually releases today, in fact! It’s calledCTRL+ALT+DUETS and features seven geeky parody songs! It’s been a long, engrossing and rewarding project and we’re so happy to be able to share it with the world at last. You can check it out on Bandcamp! I think the next project that I’m going to be working on is sleep! Errol on the other hand…

Errol: National Novel Writing Month is coming up soon and Debs & Errol is quite involved in that community too, so we’ll also be doing some writing and recording around that theme. I am also tasked to do the cartoons for their website. There are also a few web series I’m trying to get out. My latest endeavour is Dining and Dating, a weekly, humourous vid series on how to be social for the average geek.


Errol: Wow, this is a difficult question for me. Maybe I keep plugging in reality into it and thinking, “The fictional character would probably not really want to talk to me.” I think it’s like meeting celebrities, it’d be all weird and awkward as they tried to make light conversation. I’d say Catbus, because I know if I ever go to Japan, I won’t be able to ride in the one they have at the Ghibli museum because I’m too old.

Debs: I’m going to say Donatello (from the first animated series) to honor the child in me who’s still kind crushing. I imagine I’d completely lose the ability to be articulate and kind of stand there gaping. Actually, we did get to meet and chat with the very gracious Rob Paulsen (the voice of Donatello in the current series) at a convention last February. That’s kind of what happened.

tell us

We’re a Toronto-based musical geek comedy duo! We write both original and parody songs spanning all sorts of geeky topics and perform them with large helpings of very random on-stage banter. We post music on Bandcamp and have amassed quite a few YouTube videos!  We also tweet a lot (okay, mostly Errol tweets) and have a daily online web comic!


Are you a Dungeon Master, gamer, cosplayer, have a geeky podcast, blog, or an extensive action figure collection? Are you a comic book writer/artist or storeowner? Do you make geektastic films or viral videos? Are you into geeky crafts or creations? We want to hear from you for a weekly feature on our blog!

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