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Welcome to this week’s installment of “On a Geekly Basis,” a feature that profiles awesome geeky people and things! This week we want to introduce you to Miles Dompier, co-creator of “What’s Your Tag?”, an original web comic and shop about two friends and their outrageous and geeky exploits!

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Miles Dompier (Mileson)

Michael Yraola (Kafka Luck)


Special Guests from Jeers of War

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geek or nerd

Miles: I’d definitely consider myself more of a nerd. I feel like being a ‘geek’ requires a really specific level of knowledge on a specific subject. I consider the person who can list every episode of Star Trek in chronological order to be a geek. My knowledge is a little more general. I try to get and explore many different branches of nerd culture, but I can’t quite claim geek status yet.

first nerd or geek

Miles: I think for me it started when I spent an entire summer working outside in the sun because my parents promised they would buy me a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue if I kept up with the yard work. I put so much effort into the prospect of eventually being able to sit on my butt indoors and do nothing but play Pokemon. I think it was this ironic turn of events that made me realize I was kind of a nerd. Plus I wore a fanny pack… but to be fair, I was like 8 and it was the 90’s.

web comics

Miles: This might sound a little strange, but I’ve never really been into web comics. As a child I grew up reading Spawn and Spider-Man and I found myself captivated by the beauty of this style of artwork. I eventually grew out of my comic collection and began playing video games instead. The idea of the web comic actually comes from my long time dream to be part of a sketch comedy show. I kept writing down all these ‘sketch’ ideas, but they just seemed to grand to pull off in real life without an absurd budget and numerous lawsuits. Eventually I decided that these ideas would best be conveyed in a more artistic fashion. I pitched the idea to an old friend and ‘What’s Your Tag?’ was born. I try not to read other gaming web comics because I don’t want to subconsciously steal anybody else’s ideas.


Miles: I guess my favorite fandom would have to be Pokemon. This franchise has been with me a looong time and I don’t see myself losing interest any time soon. I’m that 24 year-old-guy who rocks the Pikachu shirt and plays Pokemon on his lunch breaks at work. I wear it like a badge of honor. There are just so many interesting characters and creatures in the Pokemon universe. I feel like I’m learning something new every time I do research. The world is ever changing and ever growing and I really like that. And yeah… deep down… in the truest depths of my heart… I wish that Pokemon were real…


Miles: Right now, ‘What’s Your Tag?’ is finishing up the script for our first full-length graphic novel; “At the Gameshop of Horrors.” It’s been really fun to expand our work beyond just a few panels and experiment with a full story. It pokes fun at Gamestop and the state of the video game industry, but mainly it’s just the outrageous nonsense we’re known for. We’re also trying to find a team to help develop our first game. We want to take characters from ‘What’s Your Tag?’ and create a 2D fighter that pays tribute to the classic Street Fighter 2. We have some early character and stage concepts, but unfortunately that’s as far as it goes for now.


Miles: Agent Fox Mulder. I’d just want a handshake. Nothing more.

That man has got some serious gumption. The whole world was against him, but he stayed true to his beliefs and fought for what he knew was the truth. You’ve got to respect that.

tell us

Miles: Where to begin… Well, it started 3,000 years ago, before the reign of the Dark King. A small child by the name Miles was born into the house of Dompier. He forged a strong bond with Pokemon and gaming at a young age and soon he began developing into a small man. As a man he has shredded an axe for the death metal group ‘A City Screams in Terror’ and he has done audio production work for several films including ‘Plain Clothes,’ which is scheduled to make an appearance at the Sundance Film festival. He mostly spends his days slaving away for the honor of ‘What’s Your Tag?,’ in hopes that one day his grand vision will be realized.

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