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Welcome to this week’s installment of “On a Geekly Basis,” a feature that profiles awesome geeky people and things! This week we want to introduce you to Scott Murray, creator and co-host of the Assembly of Geeks podcast

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Scott Murray aka Merchman




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Tricia Barr aka The Fangirl

geek or nerd
I think I’m more of a geek.

first nerd or geek
Probably in the late 70s when I wanted everything Star Wars.

I’ve always been a content producer.  I’m always creating and developing things, and for the longest time, it was all TV/Movie/Video stuff.  Then I got a radio job in Dallas, and wrote and produced content there for over three years.

One day, my wife suggested I take those skills and give myself another creative outlet.  I find myself being a movie, TV and pop culture critic.  So, I took those passions and created a podcast called The Critic Show.  However, eventually I started to have some real success booking celebrities on the program and it became more of an entertainment spotlight show.

I look back on it all and I’m still grateful and still kind of amazed at who I got to talk to. I talked to people like Lana Parrilla (Once Upon a Time), Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), Jake Lloyd (The Phantom Menace), Marc Singer (V), Charles Grodin (The Great Muppet Caper), Ron Glass (Firefly), Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker), Alan Oppenheimer (1980s He-Man cartoon), Walter Koenig (Star Trek) and so many more.

So, I renamed it Beyond the Screens.

This was over a two year span.  I learned a lot in that time and I realized my show was probably too broad in the topics that were covered.  One day it was a movie or TV show from the 80s, the next it was something from today… and it while it was fun and interesting, it was all over the map.

Geek topics were some of the most frequent and listened to episodes. So, I ended Beyond the Screens in August, but it’s still available for people to listen to.

In September I created and launched Assembly of Geeks.

It’s been great because, I was able to infuse more of my conceptual creativity in this show.  There are a lot of good geek podcasts out there and I wanted to do something different.  So, I came up with this idea that our podcast would sound like the hosts, guests and listeners were all meeting at this Hall of Justice-like fortress to discuss geek topics.  The addition of the Jarvis-like voice in the show (GANNIN) has turned out to be a very unique component and it’s hard to image the podcast without him.

I write scripts for the show.  They’re a combination of a little roleplay or storytelling and geeky podcast discussions.   So, it’s a lot of fun.

This really is a geek assembly because I plan on continuing to have listeners and other geek bloggers, podcasters and content producers be part of the show.

Star Wars, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Firefly, IronMan, The Avengers, The Big Bang Theory, The Muppets. 

I’m currently developing a YouTube channel for Assembly of Geeks.  It will have Vlogs, episode previews, comic convention coverage and more.


Aw.  I can only meet one?  Because Luke Skywalker, Malcolm Reynolds and The Dark Knight come to mind.  I’d love to tell The Dark Knight that his voice change doesn’t bother me, but he could disappear on me at any moment.  I think I’d like to meet Mal, though.  So much cool stuff comes out of his mouth, how could you not want to talk to him?

tell us
I’m extroverted and I’m definitely a people person.   Hence why I like making others part of the show.

I’ve been with my wife for about 15 years.  The bigger accomplishment there is that she’s put up with me for that long.

My supergeek name on the show is Merchman because I love shopping for geek stuff…especially hats, t-shirts and stuff that lets me show off my geek pride.  My wife says I’m a marketer’s dream because if you put something geeky on ANY kind of product, I’m going to be tempted to buy if I like it.  A good example of this is when I bought a Tom Tom GPS system for my car because you could download Han Solo, Yoda and Darth Vader giving you turn-by-turn directions.

A big part of my geek brain is nostalgia.  I’m still very passionate about things that meant a lot to me as a kid.  And thus, I’m still a kid in a lot of ways.


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