The holidays are here! Even though, looking around our neighborhood and shopping in stores these last two months made it seem like Christmas was already upon us even as we were donning Halloween costumes and eating turkey. And we got a little extra jump this year since Hanukkah falls during Thanksgiving, so we’re kind of already in the holiday spirit.

We love the holiday season (OK, Emily loves the holiday season), because it’s a time of merriment, cheer and geekiness! Along with our Star Wars tree ornaments and decked out geek décor, it’s a sure bet that every gift we give each other will have some element of geek to it. Because that’s just how we roll and we know we’re not alone.

Whether you’re a veteran geek gift giver or you’re struggling to connect with your friend’s latest fandom, we want to put together a comprehensive gift guide to satisfy all of the geeks on your list. Of course, companies like Think Geek and Her Universe will get nods for their amazing products, but we also want to support and show off all of you amazing independent creators!

So if you own an Etsy store, a geek boutique or just sell your stuff out of the back of a truck, we want to feature your products in our guide. It can be anything from apparel, tech, books, jewelry, accessories, decor and more!  All selected products will be included in a photo roundup with links to their product pages. All you need to do is send us the link to the product or products you’d like us to consider and we’ll let you know if we’ll be including it. We’re planning on doing a series of guides, so there’s plenty of opportunity.

We look forward to seeing all of your submissions and look for our gift guides starting in December!

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