The Dragon Age series has been one of my favorites over the years. There has been tons of DLC, several books, comics and even a table top RPG, all of which have kept me coming back for more.

By itself, the gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition looks to involve an engaging story, plenty of beasties to best in combat and of course the next generation graphics we have come to expect. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the newest DA installment is the title.

inquistion copyThe growing conflict between Mages and the Chantry has left Thedas on the brink of civil war. The mention of an “Inquisition'”may inspire thoughts of the Monty Python’s skit turned meme, or perhaps the Mel Brooks’ History of the World: part 1. Both of these make light of the awful event in human history which left countless innocents subjugated, tortured and dead; and there is no reason to think the impending inquisition of Thedas is going to be any kinder.

With positive reviews from numerous gaming sites (including IGN and PC GAMER) both DA: Origins and DA2 have received stellar write ups and are important landmarks in the RPG, solo-play genre. So why all the negative reviews from so many critics? I honestly don’t know why haters be hatin’. Many were unhappy with the game mechanics changing from a more tactical style in Origins to the more casual gameplay in DA2, but IMHO it wasn’t all bad. The difference allowed for a more seamless and cinematic experience.

However, what has really enthralled players over the years is the story. The detailed and rich lore, the strong characters and the engaging subplots are Dragon Age‘s real lifeblood. I truly hope this wonderful saga continues to expand and grow and entertain us all for many years to come.

Bioware released new information about classes and some incredible looking screenshots (you can view all of the images and more on the game’s official website:






Are you looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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