Anime Expo 2014 was incredible, not only for the anime, but also for video games, manga, cosplay and geek culture. It also combined two of my favorite things: League of Legends and cosplay. Out of the estimated 200,000 people that attended the four day event it was not surprising to see hundreds of people cosplay a wide variety of Champions from the popular MOBA. There are, as of this post, 119 different champions in League of Legends. That’s a lot of cosplay and we captured 16 of the best!

Nidalee-Meisha Mock A picture perfect Nidalee. This was one of Meisha Mocks first-ever cosplays. Give her support at


This Jinx is crazy. Crazy awesome! I mean, just check out Fishbones. I feel like she might actually go blow something up.

Jayce Janna Akari

Group shot! Steampunk Janna, Ahri, and Debonair Jayce made Anime Expo look good. But don’t be fooled, they’re as dangerous as they are stylish.


This cosplay is the bomb (head smack at awful pun). One of my favorite champions, Ziggs, gets complimented well by this amazing cosplayer.


Garen and Katarina keep their blades out, but set aside their rivalry to pose for this picture. Thanks guys, now back to fighting!


Heal me, heal me, heal me! Sorry, that’s my usual line to Soraka. This Dryad skin cosplay makes you think she stepped right out of the game.


One of the most popular skins in all of League, Officer Caitlyn, makes you want to be naughty!


You might think Elise and Talon make an unlikely pairing. Just ask their opponents. Oh wait, you can’t. Cuz’ they killed them already!

Teemo and Shivana

It’s Teemo quick get her! Oh yeah, just a cosplay. Hard to forget the Teemo’s other passive: Global Taunt. Besides, looks like Ironscale Shyvana has this Teemo’s back.


Oh, dat Ashe. Leader of the Freljord and one of the deadliest champions. No really! Put that apple on our head!

Thank you to all the amazing cosplayers for your hard work, attention to detail and for letting me take your picture (if you spot yourself, contact us and we’ll link to your pages)! See you at the next Con!

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