If you’re a fan of Convention and cosplay videos, then you probably know D Piddy. He’s become quite the Con fixture over the last few years with his hilarious Deadpool vs The Universe, Titan vs. (including a twerk-tastic gem from last years Anime Expo) and other cosplay videos. But when a Kakashi cosplayer came up to me at this year’s Anime Expo to ask if I wanted to be in a video he was making, I had absolutely no idea it was D Piddy until it donned on me later that night.

Dressed as Kakashi from Naruto, D Piddy was on a mission this year, a mission to inflict a Thousand Years of Pain on everyone—including me! Check out the video below and look for me in my Sailor Mars around the 2:20 mark! 

Thank you to D Piddy for featuring me in the video and make to check out the rest of his videos from Anime Expo and beyond. 

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Emily Kelley is a writer, actress, video game junkie, comic book nerd, and future galactic war hero. She lives in Los Angeles and spends most of her time at the Disney Interactive office. Along with being a multiple award winning journalist, she is an avid RPGer, cosplay noob, and mother to two beautiful cats.
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