Halloween is my favorite time of year. We’ve talked about this. A few times. For me, it’s the real kick off of the “holiday season,” none of this waiting for Thanksgiving stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to break out my Chrismakkuh decorations, I celebrate each holiday when the time is right. And right now, the time is Halloween. And like last year, Halloween also coincides with Peter and I’s favorite Con: Stan Lee’s Comikaze. We always have such an amazing time at this still very fan focused Con, and I’m at a near fever pitch that I get to wear cosplay for 3 WHOLE DAYS. I’ve already set my cosplay line-up for the weekend, starting with my revamped Zatanna that will do double duty as my Day 1 cosplay and my Halloween costume, but you might still be deciding what to don on the year’s spookiest of nights.

But here’s the deal: as women, it can be hard to find a costume that isn’t “Sexy Whatever.” For real, there are Sexy Olaf costumes this year. And like with cosplay, my mentality is if you got it, and you’re comfortable with it, get it girl. I can tell you from experience that as scary as it is, I’ve never felt more fierce or powerful than in my metal bikini. No judgement if you’re perfectly content to be a Sexy Crayon or wear just enough that the bars can consider it clothing. However, if you’re looking for some less overtly sexy and/or creative options, you should look no further than the place that continues to be an inspiration: geekdom.

The costumes I’ve picked out are all easily made or purchased (the majority of the things can be found at your local mall or online) and designed to work for anyone of any ethnicity, body type, skin color, even gender identity! Here are 10 kick-ass Halloween/cosplay ideas inspired by the ladies of geekdom!

Easy Kara Thrace Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Gray tank | Black tank | Pants | Boots | Dog tags | Temporary tattoo | Fake cigar | Utility belt

Let’s start with a classic: Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica. Kara proved time and time again — from getting into the boxing ring to take on Jamie to surviving in New Caprica — that she was a bad ass lady. She was also basically the savior of humanity because her belief in a new Earth never faltered, so there’s that. Kara’s outfit will be automatically recognizable at Cons and you’ll probably get a few high-fives at parties too.

Easy Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Red shirt | Dress | Tights | Boots | Gold cuff | Scarf | Fabric | Mask

In a surprising but amazing move, Marvel revealed in November 2013 that the new Ms. Marvel would be a shapeshifting Muslim teenage girl. Written and edited by two Muslim women, Kamala Khan is a spunky, intelligent, normal New Jersey teen who also happens to be a superhero. And her outfit is anything but the sometimes revealing or skimpy costumes of past female heroes. You can find most of the pieces in stores, but you’ll probably have to attach the lightening bolt and scarf details yourself. I suggest fabric or fabric paint!

Easy Buffy Summers Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Tank | Pants | Boots | Bracelet | Ring | Necklace | Stake

Arguably one of the most important women in all of geekdom, Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer will always be a crowd favorite. Her outfits made 90s and early 2000s-us swoon with jealously, since she always looked so fashionable while kicking all that butt. This black tank/red leather pants outfits is one of my favorites and is pretty easy to recreate. Just add a wooden stake and you’re set to scary the sparkles off any Twihards.

Easy Michonne Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Tank | Vest | Katana | Katana strap | Headband | Jeans | Boots | Belt

Now that I’m thinking about it, Michonne from The Walking Dead and Buffy would probably have a lot to talk about. Michonne is truly a survivor, and has proven that in both the comics and the AMC series. She’s thinned hoards of zombies by herself, figured out a way to make herself “invisible” to walkers, and while mysterious and somewhat stoic, is still a caring and important part of the group. Strike some fear into any undead you see this Halloween with Michonne’s still feminine, biker-esque ensemble.

Easy Anna from Frozen Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Shirt | Tank | Skirt | Paint | Plush | Shawl | Boots | Clip-in hair

Do you want to make a costume? Frozen is still such a phenomenon, so expect a lot of pint-sized Anna and Elsa’s this Halloween, but don’t let that stop you! Elsa is definitely the cooler sister (get it?), but let’s face it, we’re all probably a little more Anna. She’s goofy, she’s kind, she’s brave and she knows how to rock a winter palette. Gathering the pieces will be easy, but if you’re looking to add all the detailing to the skirt and vest, it’ll take time depending on what you use. If you’re sewing inclined, go for it, but I suggest 3D paint since some of the details are so small. Don’t forget Anna’s signature blonde hair streak and prepare to delight any children you encounter!

Easy Agent May from S.H.I.E.L.D. Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Badge | Patches | Vest | Shirt | Jeans | Boots | Sunglasses

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Melinda May works the all-black look like nobody’s business. May is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s toughest agents, but as the generally no nonsense pilot and field agent of Coulson’s team, she’s also proven to be loyal and compassionate. You might even have some of the things in this costume already in your closet, which is great, but the best part has to be the badge. You can order May’s exact badge, or you can also have a custom one made with your name and photo!

Easy Tina Belcher Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Shirt | Skirt | Glasses | Socks | Shoes | Barette

Tina Belcher has quickly become one of the best parts of Bob’s Burgers and somewhat of a cultural icon. She’s a awkward teenage girl who loves horses, boys, butts, zombies, and zombie boy butts — how can you not like her?! You can also like how seriously simple it is to dress up like her, too. Great on it’s own and if you have some friends who want to get in on the Belcher family action!

Easy Orphan Black Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Headband | Vest | Shirt | Pants | Running Shoes | Tights | Boots | Socks | Tank | Jacket | Shorts

Let’s just get it out of the way and say that Tatiana Maslany was robbed of an Emmy nomination (and win) for her work as not one, not two, but FIVE fully actualized characters on Orphan Black. The costume possibilities are numerous, obviously, but I think Alison Hendrix is the funniest —considering her narcotic, pill popping, cheating turn last season — and Sarah Manning is the most important. Both of their signature looks are easy to put together, and you could easily make this is fun group costume. If you want to have some real fun, however, put together one or more of the clone outfits and take them with you wherever you go on Halloween. Every so often, change into a different outfit and act as if nothing is wrong!

Easy Princess Bubblegum Halloween Costume

GET THE LOOK: Wig | Hoodie | Crown | Pants | Shoes 

If anyone would understand the plight of geek girls on Halloween, it would probably be Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. The Princess is just like us: intelligent, capable and isn’t shy about her candy consumption. While she can rock the hell out a floor length gown as the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, I like this casual outfit a lot. It’s perfect for a chill house party or if you volunteered to take the kiddos trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween! 

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