Like many of you, I went “home” for the holidays this year. And by home, I mean the houses that both my parents live in that I haven’t lived at for 9 years/have never lived at. But I digress. So, anyway, during the course of visiting my dad, he informed me that he still had two trunk-fulls of stuff of mine that I’d left at his house. And by trunks, I mean like Harry Potter traveling trunks since I was convinced my letter just got lost and would get there any day now. I’d stored mostly books and knick-knacks inside the trunks, including an unopened Harry Potter stationary set and 2001 calendar, a bunch of soccer trophies and middle school citizenship medals. But the most amazing thing that I found, hiding in a fake wooden briefcase that used to hold one of those art kits was my entire childhood collection of Pokemon cards!

I spent a lot of time, effort, and allowance collection Pokemon cards in the late 90s-early 2000s, but I was convinced that my mom had thrown out my stash when I went to college. I swear I could have cried when I opened the box to find them. Pokemon was a big part of my childhood and was one of the nerdy things that my sister and I both liked. She and I would go down to the card shop by my mom’s work during the summer’s and blow all the money we got from chores and neighborhood dog walking and packs. I was never really into playing the actual trading card game, but watching the TV show and playing the Gameboy games made me interested in collecting all the cards. Now, Peter and I are going through all the cards to catalog them and see if we have any gems — I actually have a few 1st Edition Holos!

And looking at all these cards have me really nostalgic for the classic Gameboy Color games I played during that same period. I can’t even fathom the number of car trips I spent glued to my yellow (my mom wanted me to have a gender-neutral color) Gameboy playing Blue, Yellow and Silver. Luckily, Smosh Games‘ Honest Trailers is here to remind us how weird of a game they actually were.

Seriously though, Oak. Maybe see a doctor?

Scrappy Chu!

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