I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and ramen is a particular favorite of mine. Sure, I’ve eaten mountains of that Cup of Noodle, super processed stuff during my high school and college days (OK, and that one time I got a 20 pack at COSCO for like $7), but there’s nothing like a from scratch bowl of the real stuff. Nissin Foods is still one of the biggest makers of instant ramen (they’re actually the creators of the original instant ramen most of us are familiar with) and they make some fantastic commercials that usually have nothing to do with ramen.

For instance, Nissin Ramen’s latest commerical features Japanese tennis pro Kei Nishikori (currently ranked 5th in the world) doing what he does best… except he’s playing with a wooden sword.

Like a boss, am I right? Nishikori was trying to emulate legendary Japanese sword master Miyamoto Musashi, wooden sword and all, and he kind of nailed it. And just so you know, allegedly none of this was CGI!

Of course, Nissin has a bit of a history for awesome commercials. Before the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Nissin sent Red Bull athlete and Japanese football freestyle champion Kotaro Tokuda to the streets to show off his skills. The catch? He was dressed in full samurai gear.

Dude. What. Tokuda also donned red samurai gear when Nissin became a new sponsor for the Manchester United football team and faced off against ninjas and some of ManU’s finest.

Here’s hoping for more amazing commercials in 2015!

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