WonderCon 2015

Holy WonderCon, everyone! This was our third year attending this amazing convention and, man, did we have a blast. This was definitely our busiest and most exhausting convention to date (which was why our wrap-up is a few days late), but we could not be happier about it — even though our feet are still sore and Emily is having a hard time lifting things after carrying around an axe and a severed head all day.

Emily as Red Sonja

Speaking of an axe and a severed head, this year we saw an overwhelming amount of attention and love for Emily’s Red Sonja cosplay. Emily first debuted the cosplay at last year’s WonderCon and wore it again at this year’s Comikaze, before deciding to craft a new armor and a new weapon for WonderCon. Being able to cosplay Red Sonja has meant a lot to Emily, and it was extremely flattering and exciting for so many people to be into the improvements. We want to give a sincere thank you shout out to everyone who took pictures of the cosplay and who asked about its construction and story!

Punk Rock Canary and Arrow

We also debuted a new set of Black Canary and Green Arrow cosplays. It was a bit of a homecoming since we cosplayed Arrow and Canary at our first WonderCon. Emily based her Canary on the upcoming Black Canary comic by Brendan Fletcher and Annie Wu — based on a single piece of promo art, no less! She must have done a good job, since the cosplay got the stamp of approval from Fletcher himself!

Brenden Fletcher Tweets

And Peter joined in on the punk rock fun, as well! And thanks to Omar Freman of Blue Adept Photography for shooting our costumes (and Red Sonja on Saturday). You can see his work and more on Emily’s Facebook page in the coming days. Now, with out further ado, here are some highlights from the convention – including some awesome cosplayers!

Punk Rock Black Canary and Green Arrow

Emily based her new Black Canary on the upcoming reboot series from Annie Wu and Brenden Fletcher

Thanks to Blue Adept Photography for some amazing shots! Look for more on our Facebook page

Sonja is ready to conquer WonderCon

The axe turned out great and was a big hit

Fred and I always have fun together

The new shoulder spaulder turned out better than we thought it would and was perfect!

Bow down to the She-Devil

King Dedede

Black Mage

Zabuza and one of our favorite cosplayers, Chris Hatake, as Kakashi!

Ed and Faye Valentine

Who would win in a fight — Red Sonja or Xena? (Thanks so much to Bernadette Bentley for posing!)


Friggin campers, man

Red Sonja found a fellow barbarian

Bowser (with a tiny dog!)

Should a group of Deadpools be called a murder?

Mad-Eye Moody, Hagrid, Ron, and Harry


Peter loves being around his "people" aka fellow gamers

Punisher Easter Bunny and Zombie Nick Fury

Rita Skeeter

Riddler and Harley Quinn

Luna Lovegood

Mario Kart

Robin and Cyborg


Professor Chaos

A wild Chris Hardwick appeared!



Boba Fett, Han Solo, and Dog Chewie

Team Solo Mid Nidalee

If we took a picture of your cosplay, let us know and we’ll credit you!

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