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It’s been nearly three years since we first launched this labor of love we call Wrong Button. We’re still amazed by all of the love and support you guys have shown the blog, still amazed by the Geekie Awards win and nominations, still amazed by the enthusiasm shown over our cosplays, and everything this blog as given us. It’s been so much fun to work at it and grow it to what it is today — it’s not a big deal (yet), but it’s a big deal to us. Which is why we’re so pleased to announced that the Wrong Button brand is about to get a little bigger. Emily has been working on a new project for a few months now, and we’re so excited to finally reveal it: Crafts & Controllers — a new lifestyle blog by Emily.

Since leaving Disney in October, Emily has been working as a Lifestyle Writer for Through her work with Bustle, she’s realized her passion for the geek lifestyle goes beyond video game news and conventions. And she wanted to share that love with all of you! Think of Crafts & Controllers as a more lifestyle-focused arm of Wrong Button and a place for Emily to talk about aspects of our lives that didn’t necessarily fit with our vision for Wrong Button Blog. We hope that you’ll love this new site as much as you’ve loved Wrong Button!

But what does this mean for Wrong Button, you might be wondering? Well, very little will change. This blog isn’t going away, nor will we be changing the majority of our content. Wrong Button will simply be more focused on delivering the best geek news and culture coverage, while Crafts & Controllers will be taking over our DIY and geeky home decor coverage. Don’t worry, we still have some exciting things in store for Wrong Button — including another big announcement coming soon!

Thank you guys again for all the support and we’re so proud to be expanding the Wrong Button brand! 

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Emily & Peter

Emily & Peter are the Co-Founders of Wrong Button Blog. They are lifelong geeks and also happen to love each other. They spend their days writing, watching TV and fighting over their gaming computer.
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