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As someone who works from home as a writer and blogger, my laptop is my LIFE. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to make a living, so I’m really protective of my Macbook Air. Usually, my computer just sits on the table or my desk at home, but since I’m about to take it with me to Hawaii on vacation, I knew I needed to get a good laptop sleeve to make sure my baby would be safe. Enter the Incase Classic Sleeve.


Incase was a brand I’d heard of before, but I’ve never had much need for a laptop sleeve before now. I’ve always either kept my laptop safe in a case and then a secure bag or backpack, or just kept it at home. As I mentioned, I need my computer for just about anything, so I was looking for brand I could trust with it. And based on Incase’s variety of protective sleeves, bags, and cases, I knew that my laptop would be in good hands.

Incase Classic Sleeve

First off, how amazing is the color? I’m a real sucker for cobalt blue and this case nails it. I almost, almost went for the black, but the Blueberry was just too pretty. The case is made from neoprene (as you can see from it’s label), the same synthetic rubber material that is used in wetsuits, automotive parts, weight lifting and more. It’s also recently been used by couture designers like Vera Wang and Lanvin, because of the durability of the material. So, I knew that the sleeve would be tough and reliable — and it really was! I played with it a little (stretching it and twisting it mostly) and it still looked as good as new.

I got the 13″ Classic Sleeve for my 13″ MacBook Air and the sleeve fits my Mac perfectly. It’s a relief that I won’t have to worry about it shifting around inside it and banging around inside my luggage.


And not only did the case fit my computer perfectly, but the inside is so freakin’ soft. It’s basically the same type of polyester liners you can find in winter gloves and coats. I was almost jealous of my computer for getting to touch it.


Since I’ll be taking my laptop with me to Hawaii, I wanted to do a little test run with it. Luckily, Peter and I were traveling up north for my sister’s birthday and Father’s Day, so I zipped up my laptop and zipped it away in my suitcase. I, for sure, dropped my suitcase on the side my laptop was in, but it was perfectly fine inside the Incase.

And fun fact: for some reason, our cats were SUPER into this case. I had to hide it so that they wouldn’t lay on it or knead into it.

Overall, I love this case — it’s a simple combo of fashion and function and I can’t wait to take it with me to Hawaii!


Update: So how did my laptop and Incase sleeve hold up on our trip to Hawaii? Awesomely! I carried my laptop in the sleeve through security and it kept it totally safe in my carry-on luggage on both flights, and I even took it down to the pool one day. It was so nice not to have to worry about my computer while soaking up the Maui sunshine!

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