Emily's Cosplay Prints on Storenvy

If you’re a fan of Emily’s cosplay, you can now own a little piece — with a cosplay print!

Since we began cosplaying 3 years ago, our cosplay closet has continued to grow and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and attention some of our cosplay has received — especially Emily’s Red Sonja! As many of you know, we already operate an Etsy store for geeky art prints and other crafts, and now we’ve expanded to Storenvy to start selling some prints of Emily’s cosplay.

Only one print is available at the moment, since,  as we go into another exciting convention season, we just wanted to test the waters a bit when it comes to selling cosplay prints. You can find our shop on Storenvy now! Don’t worry — be adding a few more prints in the next week or so, and be on the look out for even more after our three upcoming conventions.

And if there’s any particular cosplay or photo you’d like to see available in the future, let us know

Image: Michael Greening

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Emily Kelley is a writer, actress, video game junkie, comic book nerd, and future galactic war hero. She lives in Los Angeles and spends most of her time at the Disney Interactive office. Along with being a multiple award winning journalist, she is an avid RPGer, cosplay noob, and mother to two beautiful cats.
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