After the folks at the Deadpool panel at Comic-Con were treated to a glorious first look at the highly-anticipated Merc With A Mouth movie, the rest of us had to wait weeks to feast our eyes on the first trailer. And the internet kind of exploded yesterday when the trailer dropped after star Ryan Reynolds stopped by CONAN (in full Deadpool costume, of course).

Fox did tease the hell out of us by allowing Reynolds to make fun of their ill-advised first version of Deadpool (arguably not the worst thing in the Wolverine movie, though) in a trailer for the trailer that was released on Monday. Pipes + full mask = a no go.

But if you’re not much of a comic book fan or you’re not familiar with Deadpool, you’re probably wondering: Who is this guy? And why should I care? Here’s a crash course in Marvel’s unkillable killer.

Who is Deadpool?

Short answer: Deadpool is/was Wade Wilson. In the comics, Wade volunteered for the Weapon X program — the same program that created Wolverine, Sabertooth, and others — to cure his cancer and make him a bonafide super-soldier. The regeneration factor he received from the treatment turned out to be a double-edged sword, though. The cancer in Wade’s body also continually regenerates along with the rest of his cells, so Wade Wilson is always dying… but never actually dies. He remarks that he is in pain all the time. This sticky situation belies some amazing consequences. Deadpool’s healing factor extends beyond the physical. He cannot be killed just as a thought cannot be killed. Deadpool is also an expert in pretty much anything designed to kill: guns, swords, bigger guns, chimichangas, etc. Along with this amazing ability, comes a mental illness that manifests in delusions, schizophrenia and homicidal tendencies — so you win some, you lose some.

Why is Deadpool Getting a Movie?

Despite his homicidal tendencies, crass behavior, and inability to take anything seriously, Deadpool may be one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe, not to mention a huge fan favorite. Given the sheer power and scope of Wilson’s supernatural abilities he may very well be the Alpha and the Omega. The start of everything and the end of it all — the Big Bang and the inevitable heat death of the universe. At least, that’s one possibility. In the comics the theoretical implications of the Deadpool thought experiment are detailed and consequences well portrayed. Also, Deadpool’s propensity for breaking the fourth wall coupled with Ryan Reynolds brilliant sarcastic wit makes for a film with amazing potential. And Fox really needs a win when it comes to comic book movies featuring Marvel characters, and this might be their best chance at redemption.

When Can I See This Movie In All Its Sphincter-Blowing Magnificence?

No film is made without the occasional hiccup, but hot-damn if this Deadpool movie has had a rough start. It’s been over a decade since development began with Home Line Cinema in 2004. Recently, however, it seems as though Fox studio execs realized the potential for a Deadpool movie after leaked test footage drove fans into a frenzy over a year ago. While it’s hard to totally judge a whole movie on just one trailer, there was definitely the humor and spirit of Deadpool and I have little doubt people will flock to theaters once it’s released. Did you know Reynolds has been on board since 2009? So the guy who got his fucking mouth shut the first time has believed in this film even before it was a reality. We are expecting the Deadpool movie to be released in February 2016, but there’s no exact date yet. His “super-suit” will not be green or animated and it’s also the first Marvel film to be rated R — and thank god for that. And if the film does well, there is a vast amount of brilliant content is available for sequels and the possibility of including Deadpool in future X-Men movies and vice a versa.

Deadpool Fun Facts

  • Deadpool might be the coolest new character of the modern comic age, but he started as a Deathstroke wannabe. Rob Liefeld, writer and creator of Deadpool, is a huge fan of the Teen Titans comics and when revealing the idea to his partner Fabian Nicieza, Fabian remarked on Deadpool’s similarities to the apparent DC original.
  • Despite being a relatively new character to the Marvel series, created in 1991, he is an
  • extremely popular anti-hero. His first appearance in New Mutants #98 which is now tending at well over $100 on Ebay for an ungraded “good quality” copy.
  • Colossus will be appearing in the new movie. So that’s pretty cool. Different actor this time, we will get the privilege of seeing 6′ 11″ Andre Tricoteux take the metal mantel.
  • Deadpool’s ability to bust through to other dimensions makes him scary powerful. He is even capable of traveling to dimensions where creators are writing about him. Trippy, huh?
  • Deadpool has his own video game, and it’s actually pretty fun!
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