After taking a break from summer conventions so that we could take a much needed vacation — we’re back, baby! With the release of the 2016 Women of Comicbook Cosplay calendar featuring Emily’s Red Sonja cosplay and a few more projects in the works, we hope to add more and more conventions appearances this coming year. But first things first, we have a few upcoming cons in the immediate months and we hope to see you there!

C4 Central Coast Comic Con Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo


We’ll be posting a more updated schedule on our new upcoming schedule page, and be adding all our upcoming cons as they come up.

To any organizers, sponsors, or fans — both Emily and Peter are available as cosplay guests, for meet and greets and signings, and as panelists or moderators on the subjects of comic books, video games, cosplay, and more! Contact us for any inquiries

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