Join Emily for the Nerd Living Panel at Long Beach Comic Con

Along with cosplaying Red Sonja on Saturday and checking out all our first Long Beach Comic Con has to offer, we’re also stoked to announce that Emily will be on her first panel!

Emily met the awesome Anastasia Washington through Geek Girl Brunch and she invited her to be a part of this awesome panel at LBCC called Nerd Living. The Nerd Living panel will deal with the nerdy lifestyle so many of us lead — including fashion, food, crafts, and more. Emily will be joined by Anastasia, Stacy Renfroe of Nerds in La La Land, actress Jennifer Kretchmer, and geeky lifestyle guru CuriousJoi.

The panel will be on Sunday in Room 101B at 2 PM. If you go make sure to say Hi to Emily and look for Peter in the audience. 

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Emily & Peter

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