I am the first to admit that I’ve gone a little overboard on obsessing over Game of Thrones since starting to watch the show five years ago. I’ve seen every episode and read every book — but I’ve also started reading The World of Ice and Fire and the super cute Dunk and Egg short story series. I spend a lot of time going through fan theories (and concocting a few of my own) and generally having a lot of thoughts and feelings about GoT.

So when friend of the blog, Todd A, invited me on to his Wednesday in Westeros podcast, I. WAS. THRILLED. Not only would I get to annoy people who aren’t Peter with my extensive Game of Thrones knowledge, but I’d get to have a lot of fun doing it.

Give the Season 6 wrap up a listen — obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD — and send me your pre-orders for my upcoming “Game of Stupid Sword Chair” merch.

You can hear more of Wednesday in Westeros and the Todd & Taylor Show on Soundcloud. 

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