In our five years of going to conventions in California, there has been one glaring hole in our con schedule — San Diego Comic Con. We had gone a few years prior to hang out and bar hop and people watch, but we’d never officially been attendees… until now!

Destination Nerd

Thanks to the marvelous Anastasia Washington, we’re getting to go to SDCC for realz this year. Emily will be moderating the Destination: Nerd panel on Thursday at 3 PM in Pacific 24, so be sure to pop by for travel tips and geeky destinations.


Emily will also be debuting a new cosplay based on this amazing art by Andrew Dat Tran. D.Va from Overwatch is already a cool and adorable character and Andrew’s rendering of her only made Emily want to cosplay her more. The easiest way to spot her is at the Overwatch cosplay meet up on Saturday at 11 AM at the wide stairs behind the convention center — or follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

We’re so excited to finally see everyone at the show! 

Image: vagueonthehow/Flickr

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