I didn’t get around to writing about my experience for competing on Geeks Who Drink last year — but it was an amazing one. If you happened to watch my episode you know I won some pretty amazing things, including a super special AMD gaming computer. So about that…

Here’s the thing about extra special, brand new hardware — there are a lot of steps companies have to go through in order to get it made. Unfortunately, it started to look like it wasn’t going to work out, but the good people at Geeks Who Drink and Petrol Advertising went above and beyond to make sure my game partner and I received a prize that was equal to the one we were promised.

And boy did they deliver! Not only did I receieve a top of the line gaming computer, but they also included a full set of peripherals, a monitor, and THE HTC VIVE.

Huge thanks to everyone at Geeks Who Drink, Karl at Petrol, AMD, Logitech, Acer, and HTC for all the amazing products. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel — we have a lot of cool VR content coming! 

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