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Introducing: Wrong Button's "On a Geekly Basis"

Introducing: Wrong Button’s “On a Geekly Basis”

Hello fellow geeks and nerds! We are pleased to introduce a new weekly feature we’ll be running on the blog that will spotlight our favorite geeks and geeky things: On a Geekly Basis.  Being a geek or a nerd means being apart of a very large community of awesome people and we want to introduce you...
goGROOVE: the sound droid

goGROOVE: the sound droid

I bought this little guy from Amazon for $20. It was marked down from $70 or something, but I still wasn’t expecting much. I’ve had him for just about a month now and could not be happier. He’s a great companion when going to the beach or on vacation. The sound is BIG and pristine. His...