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Wrong Button featured on "Pop! Pop!" and RateMyCosplay!

Wrong Button featured on “Pop! Pop!” and RateMyCosplay!

This week, we were lucky enough featured on two awesome projects. Our friend Joel Reaves runs the Pop! Pop! podcast on Victory Arcade and invited us on to talk about the site and get our thoughts on the latest Iron Man 3 trailer. We had a lot to say about all of it! Make sure...
Introducing: Wrong Button's "On a Geekly Basis"

Introducing: Wrong Button’s “On a Geekly Basis”

Hello fellow geeks and nerds! We are pleased to introduce a new weekly feature we’ll be running on the blog that will spotlight our favorite geeks and geeky things: On a Geekly Basis.  Being a geek or a nerd means being apart of a very large community of awesome people and we want to introduce you...
Simple, Easy & Affordable Cosplay Ideas

Simple, Easy & Affordable Cosplay Ideas

It’s officially Con season! Con is a magical time of creation, camaraderie and, of course, cosplay! Peter and I will be cosplaying at WonderCon, and we can’t tell you how amazing/nerve racking it is. So maybe this is your first time at a Con, or maybe you’ve been many times before but this time you...
A very Geeky Halloween

A very Geeky Halloween

I LOVE Halloween. It may be my favorite holiday. Who doesn’t like getting all dressed up, having some drinks with friends and having an excuse to eat a bunch of candy? This year, we wanted to go all out and dress up as some of our favorite comic book characters: Black Canary and Green Arrow....