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Sims 4 BachelorX — Old Ladies & Smelly Sidewalk Parties

Sims 4 BachelorX — Old Ladies & Smelly Sidewalk Parties

Now that WonderCon is over, it’s time to get back to the BacherlorX! This week’s video is a lesson in making sure all your Sims 4 in-game settings are to your liking before you start playing — or you may end up with a Cocoon situation. Also, birthday parties have really REALLY gone down hill...
Sims 4 BachelorX — It Was a Silver Medal Date, Which is Pretty Good

Sims 4 BachelorX — It Was a Silver Medal Date, Which is Pretty Good

After O’Shadey basically ghosted Raven after their very casual trip to the bar, Mystique was on the prowl for possible soul mates. Fun fact: the gym is a really good place to meet girls in Sims 4. Check out Raven’s date with Dina in our latest episode of BachelorX. Make sure you subscribe to our...
Sims 4 BachelorX– Mystique's Date is Literally Named O'Shadey

Sims 4 BachelorX– Mystique’s Date is Literally Named O’Shadey

Welp, looks like Raven’s first dip into the dating pool didn’t end up like she thought it would. We should have known better when her date literally had Shadey in his name. We’ll have more dating adventures with Sims 4 Mystique next week! Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a video.
Check Out Our New Sims 4 Let's Play Series — The BachelorX

Check Out Our New Sims 4 Let’s Play Series — The BachelorX

I’ve been playing the Sims for more than 15 years, so it was a trip to jump back into it with Sims 4. The Sims were always such easy, fun games, and I knew I wanted to play a little for our YouTube channel. But our major concern was how do we make it unique...
The Deadpool Movie is Happening, And It'll Probably be PG-13

The Deadpool Movie is Happening, And It’ll Probably be PG-13

Good news, everyone! The long in-development and highly desired Deadpool movie is actually happening! 20th Century Fox confirmed last week that the Merc with the Mouth would be hitting the big screen in February 2016, much to the surprise and shock of us all. Of course, Fox’s commitment may have something to do with that...
What if Wolverine couldn't heal?

What if Wolverine couldn’t heal?

Wolverine is definitely one of, if not the most popular X-Men. I’m sure his brash nature, cigar smoking and blue and yellow 90s suit has a lot to do with this continued popularity, but Hugh Jackman couldn’t have hurt his reputation either. And one of the coolest things about Wolverine, aside from the fact THAT...
Marvel releases full 'The Wolverine' trailer

Marvel releases full ‘The Wolverine’ trailer

Whatever your opinion of Marvel’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine was, I’m sure fans of all kinds are still interested in it’s sequel, The Wolverine. Logan is definitely one of the fandom’s favorite characters, and Hugh Jackman has brought the love of the knuckle spikes to a whole new generation, whether you’re in it for the “bubs”...